Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Why do I keep a blog?

(Taken @ the Great Sand Sea, Siwa Oasis, Western Egypt)

1.       For myself
 It is a way to record down some of the lessons, experiences, inspirations, beautiful things, philosophies, observations, and other things in my small world. Many times, I learnt something great and I forgot about it. This blog is a source of reminder for me about the important things in life. I enjoyed reading and recalling the some of the gems in life.

2.       For my family, friends and others
 It is an avenue for me to share some of the things that I have learnt along the way.  Once a while, I would receive compliments from my friends. I am happy they got something out of reading this blog. Some friends are inspired to travel after reading my blog. =)

3. This is my Work-In-Progress Obituary
One of the key philosophies in my life is “The Impermanence of Life”. I do not know when is my last day on this beautiful World, but I do know that everyday I am a day closer to the inevitable. I have wondered what is the use of a funeral, wake or burial service, since I am no longer around. I am more than a physical warm body. My philosophies, my beliefs, my values, my thoughts, my attitude towards life and people around me, my way of life and my views make up me. And this blog allows me to capture some of these things. When I am gone, this blog would be an avenue for my family and friends to visit me again. That is more meaningful than a tablet or a burial place. It somewhat immortalize me (as long as blogger is still around).


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