Monday, February 06, 2006


(Langmusi - June 2002)

Whenever I am feeling down, whenever I am sad, whenever I am unhappy…
Images of Langmusi will re-surface in my mind…to remind me that…
Contentment is happiness…
Simple Life is beautiful…

(Langmusi - A Paradise - June 2005)
Took this from a friend's msn nick: "The Loviest experience is the least expected one"
In 2002, we discovered Langmusi by accident. We were supposed to stay in Langmusi for only one night as a transit point... In the end, touched by sincereity and genuine friendship, we extended another 2 nights...
Ever since then, Langmusi has always been with me.
In May 2005, I was making a choice whether to venture in the Xingjiang (ancient silk road) or go back Langmusi. Surprisingly, I was afraid to go back to Langmusi. I was afraid that langmusi will lose its charm. I was afraid to be disappointed. But deep down inside, I knew that I really wanted to go back to take a look.

And Indeed, as expected. Within a short span of 3 years, Langmusi had changed. Gone was those bumpy muddy roads, and with new tarred road, it's easier to access Langmusi now. Langmusi had lost its exotic edge with its new found "modernity" like concrete buildings, proper roads, power poles... Initially, I was abit disappointed. May be I shouldn't come back.

Fortunately, the friendliness and kindness of old friend never change. It was still as good as gold. Friendship was re-kindled immediately. Three years had passed, lotsa things had changed...but the friendship remains.
Yes, Langmusi still has its natural beauty. But, it's the spirit of Tibetan people and the warmness of an old friend that touches me.

Just like the previous trip, when it was time to bid farewell, it was hard.
I don't know when will I go back there again. Even though I wanted to stay abit longer, I knew that I don't belong there. Langmusi will always have a special place in my heart, and I am glad that I was there.