Sunday, December 28, 2008

Boon's Myanmar (Burma) Trip

Just completed my travelblog for my Myanmar trip:
Decided to complete it fast, before I forget everything.
Enjoy =)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Marathon Photos & Statistics

Big Smile @ the finishing line
(btw, the man on the right with yellow tag was completing his half-marathon, not full one)

Walking with pain
(My stupid face!! haha...)

I am amazed that the organiser has all kinda statistics available.
Section 1: First 10km - 55min 5sec (10.9kph)
Section 2: Next 11km - 1hr 8min 11sec (9.7kph)
Section 3: Next 9km - 1hr 15min 51sec (7.1kph)
Section 4: Last 12.195km - 2hr 4min 56 sec (5.9kph) - embarrassing!!!
Result based on CHIP time: 4,473rd place out of 12,393 finishers
From 30Km to Finish :
I passed13runners
And 1,696 passed me!!!
Statistics speaks alot. haha...

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Boon sucks @ Marathon

Yeah. The Verdict is out, and I sucks @ marathon. =(
My Timing is 5hr 24mins.
My training-mates' timing are 40-70mins better than mine.
This is my timing:
First 21km: Less than 2hrs
Next 15km: 2hr ++
Last 6km: 1hr ++
Jon was saying that we only trained up to 30km, and the rest is in the mind.
During the run, I know that my condition was not as good as 2 or 3 weeks back while i was training. While I believe that my flu & sore throat do plays a part, but the gap between my training mates and myself is abit too big.
However, there are some experiences that I would remember for a some time:
- the embrassment of jogging and realising that the walkers were walking at the same pace as you
(As though I was literally jogging on the spot.)
- even while i was walking, other walkers just walked pass me
(My long legs were useless)
- the pain of not able to control your urinary track
(No Kidding. I had to walk SLOWLY as I could not control it. I had to go to toilet whenever there was an opportunity. At least, I now i could relate those old folks with urine problems. BTW, I am fine now. thankfully!)
anyway, my flu & phlegm is back again.
Hopefully, i could recover in time for my backpacking trip to Burma in 5 days time!!!
woohoo.... =)

Friday, December 05, 2008

2 Days to Marathon

After seeing the doctor last night,
she told me that it was viral infection, so anti-biotic won't help. =(
She just gave me some medicines for phlegm, sore throat & inflammation.
Today, the body starts to ache.
After reading some forums, it seems that it is pretty normal to have flu during the tapering period
Wish me luck! =)

Thursday, December 04, 2008

3 Days to My First Marathon

I guess everybody has their own stories about marathon.
This is mine:
Back in 2005, 2 weeks before the marathon, I had a very bad viral cough which lasted 5months.
Back in 2006, my CFA exams fall exactly on the same day as the marathon.
Last year (2007), I had knee injury.
This year, I am determined to finish a marathon.
Once is enough.
However, last few days, I was down with flu.
Today, I am having sore throat.
I would not be in my best condition to run,
but I hope I could complete this Sunday's marathon.
There are so many things beyond my control - falling sick, injuries, bad weather.
This is life,
certain things are beyond our control and all we could do is to do our best.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

That moment...

The mundane routine life has blinded me
I was too comfortable and had taken things for granted
Feeling lazy and restless
I forgot the daily miracles of life –
Sunrise, Fresh Air, Blue Sky, White Clouds, Nice Music
That awakening moment came
I felt the warmth of the sun on my skin
I thought of the people who I knew and were no longer around
The awareness made me happy and appreciative
I know that I am alive
I am grateful
Being Alive is already a blessing in itself
I just wanna capture that moment in writing