Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Life is just like a wave...

Just some reflections on the friends I met recently...
Some friends are doing better and better...
Some friends are not doing as well as before...
Life is just like a wave...
Sometimes you are up...
Sometimes you are down...
When you are up, don't be arrogant.
Arrogance did not bring you there, your momentary success was the result of hard work, humility & opportunity.
Cherish while it lasts, as you might come down.
That's the impermanence of life.
When you are down, don't be sad or dishearten.
Quite often, the best lesson in life is experienced during challenging time.
Remember the lesson, and work hard.
Down time wouldn't last.
That's the impermanence of life too.
May be we should learn how to stop labeling experience as positive or negative.
On hindsight, the seemingly negative experience brings about the best insight & wisdom of life.
It really depends on the time of reference.
Without going to the bottom of the Valley,
How could one truely appreciate the view at the summit?
May be at the end of the life journey,
We found that all the labelings are just foolish.
May be it is wiser just to learn to appreciate every moment & experience.
May be we are too foolish to be too attached to all the experiences.
Our transient existence is insignificant.
At the end of day,
We are just passer-bys on the face on this beautiful world.
May be all we need is to learn to smile more.

Sunset @ Bali

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Why I am not a painter?

Last evening during a X'mas Gathering, I shared a story about my painting.
Back in Secondary Two Mid-year Arts & Craft Exam,
I decided to paint a landscape.
A person contemplating in nature with Mountains & Greens.
After 2 hours of painting, I was quite pleased, in fact, I was very happy with my art work.
The colour and tone was perfect.
I was very sure that I would score a distinction for this work.
A few days later, when the teacher was distributing back our art work, I was really excited and wanted to show-off to my friends. But when I saw the mark at the back, I was SHOCKED. I got a 38 marks (out of 100) for my work. I did not agree with my teacher's grading, but I was too afraid to challenge him.
Below is my Master Piece:

Man contemplating in Nature.
Now, I totally agree with my Art Teacher.
Hahaha... That's Crap!!
My judgement was really impaired when I was young.
38 Marks is the lowest exam grade I ever gotten in my life.
That will always be the record!
But a record with a funny story.
That's why I am not a painter.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Beautiful Things in life: A bowl of Tang Yuan

A bowl of Tang Yuan
Came back home late at night.
Everybody was sound asleep.
A bowl of Tang Yuan was placed on the dining table.
It tasted ordinary and cold.
But it was warm inside me.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Beautiful Things in life: Excited about Snorkelling

Decided to create entry of the beautiful things in life.
This is the picture that got me started:-

Taken back in 2002 - Tioman Island
I love the youth, the energy, the excitement to experience life...
Excited to Snorkel. =)

Man in the Mirror...

Perfect Reflection
(Taken at Hoi-An, Vietnam)
Most people wear different masks
Sometimes, it is an act of hypocrisy.
More oftenly, it is an act of self-protection.
Or even, an act of conformity due to social/peer pressure.
During late night and alone looking into the mirror,
there is no need to wear a mask.
While you can deceive other,
how can you ever deceive yourself?
What do you see?
Are you happy to see the person in the mirror?
What is in the reflection?
May be the right question would be:
Do you have the courage to look into at the person in the mirror?
Are you afraid to see the Truth?
If everybody have more time to do self-reflections,
this world will be a better place.

Monday, December 07, 2009

My Ex-Boss...

Just now I saw a guy, who looked like my ex-boss.
And some memories resurfaced...
It has been a year since he departed from this world.
I still could vividly remember his warm smile and his laughters.
He was rich and smart, and had a good heart.
Death is real and inevitable.
All the daily challenges/problems seem so insignificant.
It was a reminder.
To treasure life.
To treasure every moment.
To treasure the people around me.
To focus on the worthy people and causes.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

First Few Hours Observation after a trip...

Everytime I return from a long overseas trip, I would write down my general observations from a fresh perspective....
Below was written on my way to work (less than 12 hours after returning):
Context: Train
Time: Morning Rush Hour
Everybody is clean and well-dressed.
They have everything from Blackberry to Ipod; Coach to LV Bag; & expensive accessories.
They looked tired.
What is missing here?
A smile on their face....

War with Terrorism will never end....

It was disappointing to know that more innocent people are going to be killed. Killing will not solve the problem, but will deepen the hatred between both parties. The future descendents of Al-Qaeda members will continue the fight. More moderate muslims might join the Jihad against the Americans.
I know there is no easy solution.
Sending Troop to War is definitely one of the easiest solutions (without wisdom & compassion).
There is definitely a better use of the US$30billion budget.
Use it to help the war-ravaged Afghanistan.
Use it to feed the millions who are dying in Africa.
Use it to make peace.
If any politicians believe that sending troops to War is the only solution,
I challenge them to send their own children? Will Bush or Obama send their children to Afghanistan if they think that War is the only way out? I doubt it, at least, I know that Bush is a coward.
At this rate, the war will never end....
There will be more unnecessary deaths and sufferings.