Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Tribute to my Buddhist Beads

Bye My Dear Friend...

I was shock and very sad when I realized that I lost my beads during my trip to Jakarta.
For me, there is no other physical item that is more important than my Buddhist Beads.

It certainly does not worth any cents - it's made of cheap plastic. However, it is of great sentimental value to me.  It was a gift from a Tibetan Lama (Daxing) when I was backpacking in China in 2002. The beads is the BEST souvenir in my life. It encapsulated the important memories and lessons for the past 9 years of my life.

It reminded of a beautiful place and simple way of life in Langmusi.
It reminded me that living a good and simple life is the way to happiness.
It was with me when I was living in the Silicon Valley, counting down at Times Square...
It was with me when I was at Potala Palace, Bodhgaya, Taj Mahal, Jerusalem, Pyramid....
It brought me comfort and a sense of peace when I was feeling sick and weak at the Everest Base Camp Trek...
It made me feel safe when I felt vulnerable and weak...
It is always with me at those important times of my life...

In fact, I felt a bit lost without my Beads.
I took it for granted.
Losing my Buddhist Beads reminded me of 2 important Buddhist philosophies.

The Impermanence of Life
Nothing is permanent.
Life is in a constant flux of change.
If I do not realize and acknowledge this Law of Life, I would always experience sadness and disappointment with changes in life. But that's the nature of Life - Changes. The problem is not in the Change, but in our Mind.

Attachment is a source of sufferings.
The pain and sadness I experienced is because of my attachment.
If I am attached to fame and fortune, I would suffer if I lost them.
If I am attached to my ego and pride, I would suffer if someone insulted me.
If I am attached to my money & physical items, I would suffer if I lost them.
If I am attached to relationship, I would suffer if the relationship went sour.
If I am attached to my health, I would suffer if I fall sick.

I think there is no better way to part with my Buddhist Beads with the 2 lessons learnt.
What a good way to say Good Bye & Thank You!

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