Friday, November 27, 2009

Unconditional Love & Compassion

About 6 months ago (while I was serving my reservist), I was moved to tears when I pondered about the deeper meaning behind the story shared by Ajahn Brahm in his book -  Opening the door of your heart. I never forget the story since then...
Taken from his book:
What's in a name?
When one becomes a Buddhist monk in our tradition, one receives a new name. My monk's name is 'Brahmavamso', which, being so long, I usually shorten to 'Brahm'. Everyone calls me by that name now, except for my Mum. She still calls me Peter, and I defend her right to do so.
Once, during a phone call inviting me to an interfaith ceremony, I was asked to spell my name.
I answered:
B - for Buddhist
R - for Roman Catholic
A - for Anglican
H - for Hindu
M - for Muslim
I received such a positive response that I usually spell my name that way now, and also that's what it means.
That's a mark of a True Buddhist Monk

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