Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lessons from Life Reports (NY Times)

Taken from: New York Times

"The most common lament in this collection is from people who worked at the same company all their lives and now realize how boring they must seem. These people passively let their lives happen to them. One man described his long, uneventful career at an insurance company and concluded, “Wish my self-profile was more exciting, but it’s a little late now.”

"The most exciting essays were written by the energetic, restless people, who took their lives off in new directions midcourse. One man, who was white, trained an all-black unit during World War II, was a director of the pharmaceutical company that developed The Pill, and then served as a judge at an international court at The Hague. “Career-wise, it was a rocky road,” another wrote, “but if diversity is the spice of life, then mine resembled hot Indian curry.” Nobody regretted the life changes they made, even when they failed."

"Many more seniors regret the risks they didn’t take than regret the ones they did."

"An amazing number cherished their marriages of 43 years or more. And, for almost all, family and friends mattered most."


Such an insightful articles.
Sometimes, we do not change because we are afraid & fearful...
Fearful of the unknown
Fearful of failure
Fearful of embarrassment
Fearful of being judged
Fearful of change

By the end of the road,
would you regret that you did not take more risk?

I have certainly taken some risks in my life, 
things might not have worked out as I planned (yet).
Always need a bit of optimism. =)

But it's okay, at least, 
I wouldn't say "I should have done it".

Life is a journey.
This is Life.
Enjoy it. 

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