Sunday, May 29, 2011

Seeing beyond differences

Yesterday, I was at the HIV/AIDS patients volunteer training & sharing session. One of the stories shared by a volunteer (K) really touched me. 

A Malay Muslim AIDS patient was bedridden and very sick. There are really limited things that a volunteer could do to relief their pain and sufferings. K is a Chinese Buddhist and he tried his best to bring comfort and care to the patient by fulfilling his request.

K brought the Holy Koran to hospital and read verses from the Koran to the Muslim patient. I believe this brought a lot of comfort and peace to the patient.

I am impressed by K and his dedication. Seeing beyond differences like ethnic race, culture and religion. Helping a fellow human being who is in need. Showing compassion and love without boundary. That is so lacking in the current world, where everybody forgot to see beyond differences. A lot of people have forgotten that we have more similarities than differences.

May All Beings be Happy!

(Taken outside Jokhang Temple, Lhasa, Tibet)

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