Sunday, May 22, 2011

One New Experience Each Week - Haw Par Villa

The last time I visited Haw Par Villa was 19 years ago back in 1992. It was really a popular theme park and I had fond memories exploring the place with my primary school friends. I decided to check it out again and it is free admission!


The Tiger Balm that made millions for the Haw Par Group.

The 18 levels of Hell is one of the main attractions in the park.

Literal Meaning:
The Sea of Sufferings is endless
Turn around and you will see the shore
Let go of your sabre sword
Repent and achieve Enlightenment 

Hell Guard

Punishment in hell

Another one

Sea of Blood in Hell

More sufferings in Hell

While the images are gruesome, the intention is to remind people not to do bad deeds, or else, you will suffer the consequence in afterlife. Whether you are believer or not, the intention is good.

Dilapidated Stage
I remember this amphitheater, it was used to be full of life and laughters. I was a bit sad to see it in such a sorry state and engulfed by mother nature. Well, it is also subjected to the Law of Impermanence. 

Goddess of Mercy

(Aka Maitreya - the future Buddha)  

There is a Moral Story behind each group of statues. 

Intricate facial details

I saw this 9 dragons artwork since I was really young. In 2002, I visited the Forbidden City in Beijing, then I realized that it was a replicate of the Nine Dragon Wall.

Reflection of Goddess of Mercy

Oddly, it did not feel 2 decades have passed. And interestingly, I personally know one of their descendants. 

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L-corner said...

my last visit when i was 6 or 7 lol