Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Life is just like a wave...

Just some reflections on the friends I met recently...
Some friends are doing better and better...
Some friends are not doing as well as before...
Life is just like a wave...
Sometimes you are up...
Sometimes you are down...
When you are up, don't be arrogant.
Arrogance did not bring you there, your momentary success was the result of hard work, humility & opportunity.
Cherish while it lasts, as you might come down.
That's the impermanence of life.
When you are down, don't be sad or dishearten.
Quite often, the best lesson in life is experienced during challenging time.
Remember the lesson, and work hard.
Down time wouldn't last.
That's the impermanence of life too.
May be we should learn how to stop labeling experience as positive or negative.
On hindsight, the seemingly negative experience brings about the best insight & wisdom of life.
It really depends on the time of reference.
Without going to the bottom of the Valley,
How could one truely appreciate the view at the summit?
May be at the end of the life journey,
We found that all the labelings are just foolish.
May be it is wiser just to learn to appreciate every moment & experience.
May be we are too foolish to be too attached to all the experiences.
Our transient existence is insignificant.
At the end of day,
We are just passer-bys on the face on this beautiful world.
May be all we need is to learn to smile more.

Sunset @ Bali

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