Sunday, May 15, 2011

Book: Hope for the flowers

"Hope For the Flowers is a 1972 parable written by Trina Paulus in English. It is a "tale - partly about life, partly about revolution and lots about hope. It all starts when Stripe, the main character, first hatches from an egg. He begins his life by eating the leaf he was born on. He realizes that there must be "more" to life than just eating leaves...."

Quotes from the Book:

Stripe asked a fellow crawler "Do you know what's happening?"
"I just arrived myself," said the other. "Nobody has time to explain; they're so busy trying to get wherever they're going - up there."
"But what's at the top?" continued Stripe.
"No one knows that either but it must be awfully good because everybody's rushing there. Goodbye! I've no more time!"
He plunged into the pile


He (Stripe) turned around and began down the pillar. This time he didn't curl up. He stretched out full length and looked straight into the eyes of each caterpillar. 
He marveled at the variety and beauty, amazed that he had never noticed it before.
He whispered to each. "I've been up; there's nothing there."
Most paid no attention; they were too intent on climbing.
One said, "It's sour grapes. He's bitter. I bet he never made it to the top."


"We can fly! 
We can become butterflies!
There's nothing at the top and it doesn't matter!"
As he heard his own message he realized how he had misread the instinct to get high.
To get to the "top" he must fly, not climb.
Stripe looked at each caterpillar inebriated with joy that there could be a butterfly inside.


When I was young, I looked up to some adults, as role models, and assumed that they know what they are doing. But when I grew up, I realized that they are ignorant and confused people.

When I started working, I met successful multi-millionaires and assumed that they knew it as well, but after sometimes, I realized that they are equally ignorant and confused. 

I realized that there are a lot of successful and very smart people, yet there are very few WISE man around. 

Even though I am still ignorant and confused, I realized that:
 There is fine line between self-confident and self-delusional
Ego is a double-edged sword.
Money is one of the attributes for Happiness, and it is subjected to the law of "Diminishing Marginal Returns".

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