Sunday, May 22, 2011

Help needed?

A few days ago, I was going for my lunch and a lady in her early 30s asked me for help. She told me that her mum is diabetic and could not work, she has 2 younger siblings (13years old & 15 years old) who are still schooling, and she is unemployed. She asked me money for food.

This is something new. I have met such people in overseas (esp. China), but this is my first encounter in Singapore. She is obviously a Singaporean and I am a bit doubtful of her story. I don't want to say no to someone who might really need help. At the same time, I hate to be cheated like a fool. It's frustrating!

Fortunately, I was quite free that day. I called up my friend who is a social worker to understand what kind of supports and assistance are available. I also called one of the NGOs (Community Chest). I am delighted to know that as long as you are a Singapore citizen, there are alot of supports & assistance and there is no need for begging on the street. 

This lady told me that they just applied for assistance and is waiting for approval. Anyway, I asked her quite a lot of questions to verify and assess if she genuinely needs help. If she is lying, her story would not piece together properly.

I met her diabetic mum.
I gave her the toll-free hotline number to call for further assistance.
I bought her 4 packs of food for her mother, her siblings and herself. 
I accompanied her for her interviewing at a fast food chain.

She interviewed for job @ Mos Burger.

That's all within my ability to help her.

May be I did something good.
May be I am just a fool.
At least, I tried.


ssumin said...

Wow sounds like u spent the whole day with her. Hope she got the job.

Boon said...

Yeah... the nosy me spent less than 2 hrs on it. I hope she got the job, but i left while she was having the job interview.