Friday, May 15, 2009

Story about invisible cracks in a glass

(Ajahn Brahm - the monk on the left)

Recently, I went to a talk by Ajahn Brahm again. I have become a fan of his. He never failed to impress me with his wisdom and kindness. Below is my recollection of a story about an invisible crack in a glass told by him.


There are invisible cracks in every glass.

These cracks are so small and microscopic that they are naked to the eyes.

Some chose to believe it (“Believer”); while some chose to ignore or not to believe it (“Ignorance”).


For the believer, because they are aware that there are invisible cracks in the glass, hence, they took good care of the glass and making sure that the glass was not placed in a compromised position where it could be broken easily. Because of his care, the believer is able to use and enjoy the glass longer. At the same time, the believer is aware that the glass would eventually be broken, just like any other things in life.


On the other hand, the “Ignorance” felt that the glass can be used forever and will be there forever. Hence, the “Ignorance” did not treasure or take care of the glass, and abuse it at times. Naturally, the lifespan of the glass shorten and was broken. Inevitably, the “Ignorance” was devastated, as he assumed that the glass is there forever.


When the glass is broken, just let it go.

Nothing in this world is permanent.

Have the wisdom to let it go.

Be glad that you have treasured it.


Apply this to your life, your health, your relationship and everything in life.

If you are alive, treasure it while it last.

If you are in a good relationship, treasure it while it last.

If you are in a good health, treasure it while it last.


When these things in life are gone, have the wisdom to smile – knowing that you have treasured them (That's the best effort), as nothing is permanent.

Learn to let go and make peace.
One of my favourite quotes:
"Don't Cry When It Is Over
Smile That It Happened"


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