Sunday, July 29, 2007

How to get more?

We can get more by giving more... sounds rather counter-intuition. (I think this applies to most things except for $$... haha, well, it applies for money too... to a certain extent)

I realise that if you give more to other people, eventually, you will get back what you give and even more...

This applies to knowledge, love, kindness, help, and even money.

One of my turning point in my study life was in Secondary three. Remembered that one of my rivals back in school mentioned that Boon Han is nothing (in terms of studies) if there is no Maths. He's quite right - my languages & humanities sucks! During Saturdays, I would return to School to do my homework & to teach my friends who were weak in A-Math. I was really helpful, with no hidden agenda, except that both my friends and I would benefit. True enough, I got abck more than what I gave...

Another recent examples: I was very much into investing stocks. Spent many hours trying to find good online websites for information. I realised that after I share with all my friends my small little online gems, I got even more from them.

that's why I advocate sharing as long as it's not at your own expense (like sharing money, or limited entities like work opportunities).

More importantly, what's the price for making another being happier and better? Priceless.