Saturday, July 09, 2011

There is a Time to Enjoy... There is a Time to Let Go...

(Taken at Pokhara, Nepal)

For no apparent reason, a few days ago, I recalled a conversation I had with a Tibetan guy in Pokhara, Nepal. I wanted to enrol on the meditation course at a Buddhist Meditation Center, unfortunately, the Nun (A white American) was not feeling well. I was a bit disappointed and had a conversation with the administrator at the center. He is quite young and speaks good English, and he also shared a bit of his own rebellious history with me, and why he decided to change and learn more about Buddhism.

When I bid farewell, he said to me:
"Enjoy your life while you can,
but do not be attached to it."

My reply was:
"It is easier said than done."

I smiled and left.
I was walking alone on the street and reflecting on his words.
It makes Perfect sense to me, even till today.
My unhappiness arises because of my attachment.

The Real Freedom is when I learn to let go...
I am just a passerby on this earth...
I came with nothing...
I would leave with nothing...

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