Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Awareness -> Contentment -> Gratitude

Contentment will definitely bring happiness.
I have been learning to feel contented and happy with what I have.
Lately, I realised that Gratitude is a proactive form of contentment.
Feeling a sense of gratitude is the empowering aspect of contentment.

It seems that there is a natural progression.
Firstly, I must have Awareness - to be aware of my surrounding, to be aware that I am alive, to be aware of the impermanence of life
Then, I would feel contented - by being aware that things could be worse.
Lastly, I would feel a grateful that I still alive and breathing, and all the little things in life that I have taken for granted (like Clean Air, Clean Water, Good Food, Family, Friends, Health etc..)
I could feel a surge of energy to live fully.
Less complain (at least during that moment).

Location: Outside my room window

Time: Morning before setting off to work.

Theme: "Taking time off to appreciate simple pleasures of life"

Comment: Did not realise that the flowers have bloomed so beautifully. Every morning, I am always rushing to work and forget to slow down and enjoy the moment.

How about you?

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Train Incidents

This was the choatic scene on at Choa Chu Kang MRT while I was on my way to work. Unfortunately, a Chinese guy in his 40s committed suicide by jumping onto the track.

Chaotic Scene. Passengers were told to get out of the Station, yet, people allowed to enter the Station. SMRT Staff on the platform told us that there would be no train service, and everybody had to evacuate. However, the announcement over the speaker told us that the south-bound train was still operating. Conflicting message.
SCDF personnels arriving at the scene.

The place was condorned off. The SCDF personnels squeezed through the small hole between the 2 cabins of the train to get onto the track and search for the body.

Well, that is a tough job!

Those people who are a bit claustrophobic like me would just freak-out.
I did not see the body as they used white sheets of plastic to cover everything.

Fear surfaced.

Why did this person commit suicide? Health problem? Financial problem? Relationship problem? Why did he choose to die this way? Why did he choose to die on morning rush hour? What was his last thought? Can his problem be solved? Is he suffering from depression?

it will always be a puzzle.


Another Incident:

I was taking a night train back home, the train stopped, passengers alighted, and door closed. Then, I saw 1 bag and 1 big plastic bag left unattended near the door. I could see everybody's eyes on the stuff, and started to shift away (including myself). The thought of terrorist attack came to my mind. Fear just seized me. I was very scared and felt that I might die in this train. I told myself that I don't want to die this way.

Then, one Singaporean asked this bag belonged to anyone. Nobody acknowledged until a Blangra work standing at a distance away move over and claim his belongings. ARGH!!!! f*** Idiot!!!

On the hindsight, it sounds really stupid. But the thought of death knocking on my door is very real - that moment was very real and scary.