Sunday, February 22, 2009

Contentment - Being in Peace

Recently, there are a few things that set me thinking.
One of them is my little moments of frustration.
Not frustrated about the environment or the people around me.
I was frustrated with myself.
(**It is even more frustrating when you can't point finger at others. haha...)
Frustrated that I lack the discipline and concentration.
Frustrated that I did not do my best.
The other things that set me thinking deeper:
A friend (A)'s father was diagnosed with cancer a year's ago. Currently, the chemotherapy is not working anymore and his cancer is already spreading in his body. Doctor has explicitly mentioned that his days are numbered. A's father is in a state of depression, denial and frustration. He would hide in his room and cry. Apparently, he was the kinda of traditional MCP Chinese father who does not listen to others.
Another story:
A friend (B)’s cousin committed suicide at the age of 27 year old during Chinese New Year. A short story about B’s cousin: He was ditched by his wife, and in revenge, he got a girlfriend. Unfortunate, his new girlfriend cheated his money. He left his civil service job to set up business with someone. He borrowed money from family and friends for his new business ventures, however, his business partner cheated his money also. He became jobless and was under huge debt – housing loan, car loan and loan from family. Needless to say, depression might set in and he committed suicide. When his body was discovered, it was already badly decomposed.
Coincidentally, I attended a talk by Ajahn Brahm
(A truly wise and kind monk with a good sense of humor)
He mentioned that Contentment is about being in peace.
Being at peace with your past and your present.
Learn to be at peace with oneself.
Learn to love oneself.

There are a lot of things in life that is beyond our control.
That includes getting old, getting sick, getting cancer and dying.
It happens to EVERYBODY.
Let’s have the wisdom and insights to make peace.
Make something out of the experience.
Yes, we cannot change life, but we can change our reaction.
Contentment is NEVER about being lazy.
Contentment is do your very best and be at peace with it.
The outcome is not as important as the process.

I have found a jewel.
Wisdom of being in peace.
If those in depression have found this jewel, they would have less suffering.
This will be a reminder for myself.
Hope that everybody will find peace in their lives.


~mei said...

Thanks for Sharing boon.
I'm Sorry to hear about A's father and B's cousin's plight.
If we look into Chinese Medicine, Whenever there is a medical condition, it is usually a STUCKed emotion that we have, which caused us to be ill.

I can understand what you mean by the moments of frustration.
May I share with you what I learned over the weekend?

Nothing has meaning except the meaning we give it. Everything is neutral. Our Life is just a blank piece of WHITE CANVAS. We choose what colours we want to paint it, either with BRIGHT COLOURS or with DULL, DARK COLOURS. We Choose it.

Whatever happens externally is merely a projection of what is happening internally. When I feel angry about something, i look within and ask myself what happened in the past that make me have this LEARNED ANGRY BEHAVIOUR?
It is merely my own experience that conditioned me to feel/think that way. To others, they may not feel the anger I have.

I also learned that Happiness is NOT A CHOICE. Happiness is a HABIT! Only when we have cultivate the habit to be happy, then we can be happy throughout our lives. Many of us think that by having new possessions/assets/accomplishment, we will be happy. However many a times, we have these new possessions/assets but we are still not happy and want more!
Don't wait until we are 60 years old to learn to be Happy.

Happyiness Starts from RIGHT NOW~

May the angel of peace be with you, My friend...

Boon Han said...

Thanks Mei for sharing your insights. very enlightening.. - our mind is like a white canvas. We choose what colour to paint it.

I am still learning. =)