Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Talk by Ajahn Brahm (Dec'11)

Recently, Ajahn Brahm celebrated his 60th birthday. I really hope that I have the good fortune to listen to him for many years to come. I have been to many talks, and it is rare to find a teacher as good as Ajahn Brahm.

Below are some of my take-ways: 

 - Put the cup (worry) down and be Still

- During meditation:
 Let go of things that make you move -
The Past and The Future.

-We miss out a lot of things in life because we are moving too fast.
Be Still and appreciate the beauty around you.

-Stillness is the medicine we are looking for.

-When people shout at you, give yourself 5 seconds of Silence before you react.

- When surrounded by enemy. Drink a Tea. 
Life is always changing

- In Silence, you see more.

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