Saturday, December 24, 2011

Charity: Riverkids Project

"Riverkids works with children and families in danger of abuse and trafficking in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. We identify children at high risk because of extreme poverty, drug abuse, alcoholism, gambling, child abuse or other children or family involved in trafficking.
Then, we talk with the families to work out what help they need and what will keep their children safe.
Sometimes, it’s as simple as getting the children enrolled in school. Other times, we need to provide emergency shelter for abused children and urgent medical care to prevent a greater crisis. For our families, selling their children is a desperate solution to complicated long-term problems that can’t be quickly solved, but instead need patience and compassion to find practical solutions like vocational training and family counselling.
Our community centers are within walking distance from the crowded and dangerous slums our families live in. That makes it easy for the families to ask for help during an emergency, and makes our centers part of the local community. We hire staff from the local slums where possible too."

I was born in Southeast Asia like these kids, but I am fortunate to be born in a rich country. Just because I was born in the right place, my future is likely to be better. I might not be as smart or hardworking as these kids, but I was given the opportunity to learn and grow in a safe environment. Sometimes, it is like a game of tossing coin - born in a poor or rich country. I am just lucky.

I hope to do something more than just donating money in the future.
It's a season of sharing. Let's share our blessings.

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