Saturday, October 22, 2011

The only good thing about falling sick…

I fell sick last week, and it has been sometime since I felt so bad. I suspect it was food poisoning – bad Diarrhea (waking up almost every hour at night to relief myself), feeling nausea, vomited, having muscle aches all over my body, head was spinning, feeling cold and weak …

I think of the quote “pain is inevitable and suffering is optional”. The problem is that my body is in such a discomfort that I could not think properly as well. I think of death, I think of getting well soon… I also realized that this physical body that I was born with, will eventually collapse and bring me a lot of pain in the future as I grow older (assuming I don’t die young). Understanding the Impermanence of Life intellectually is good reminder, however, feeling the Impermanence of Law is, in fact, very scary.  

Well, the only good thing about falling sick is that it is a reminder of vulnerability of life. A reminder that health is wealth, it’s cliché, but it is so true.  An opportunity to feel weak and vulnerable, so that I could empathize the sufferings and fear of other people. A chance to reaffirm that simple thing in life is good enough and satisfying. A time to be appreciative of the simple joy of living.

Simple Lunch.
Porridge & Cai Xin.
Simple, yet Nice.
Love it. 
The other good thing about falling sick… is losing weight. 
I lost 2kg.

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