Monday, October 10, 2011

Lesson from Steve Jobs: One more thing

"We didn’t use words like “mindfulness practice” back then, and my only knowledge of Buddhism had come from art history classes. Yet this calling-back to consciousness, this art of checking in and course correcting, taught me something my upbringing and education had not: the importance of the “now,” the preciousness of each moment, the essential connection between process and outcome.

As Steve evolved as a leader and as a man, he honed this very practice, taking presence and mindfulness to a world-changing level. His sense of purpose and personal responsibility shone as he continued to create, shape, inspire, and exact exceptional performance in the people he led.


Today, I feel deeply grateful to share it here, offering it in hopes that maybe you’ll pick it up, make it your own. Use it to help shape your own audacious dream, something driven by hunger and foolishness and focus and purpose, because that is what Steve showed us is possible. Use it with the absolute conviction that every life and every moment matters, because we’ve seen that this can be true. Use it to expand your potential to be great – perhaps insanely so – in some way that matters to you.
And use it to remember an incomparable man who has touched so many lives in small or course-changing ways. Thank you, Steve, for teaching us the power of a moment. Thank you, Steve, for all that you’ve taught us."

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