Saturday, October 15, 2011

One New Experience Each Week - Pulau Rawa, Malaysia

Pulau Rawa main attraction is its white sandy beach, crystal clear water & proximity to Singapore. It only took us around 4 hours to arrive at the island. Within 4 hours, we were transported from a concrete jungle to an island paradise. 

I really needed this break, as I was facing a lot of unhappiness and anger at work during the week. I was grateful to spend my weekend with people who I can trust and be comfortable with. 


White Sandy Beach

Crystal Clear Water

The newly wed (PY & ZY)

We were lucky to have a sunny day! 
(It had been raining heavily and cloudy for the past few days)

So happy that we could levitate!!!

The other side of the island is a cliff.

Exploring the hilltop of the island

Enjoying the view and sunset by the cliff with friends.

Sunset from the hilltop.

Moonlit Night

3 of the guys (including myself) were playing table tennis at the resort. We were like young kids trying to win and compete... and it brought back fond memories of our teenage years playing table tennis at the void deck. Same people. Worse Skill. Different Place. And slightly Older.

One of the unexpected yet enjoyable experience was strolling along the beach, and then soaking and swimming in the water in the moonlit night. Floating on the water and observing the boundless sky. What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday night.

That's Life!

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