Thursday, July 21, 2011

One New Experience Each Week - Walking on Railway Track

This will be first and last time walking on the Railway Track.
Soon, this track will be disappeared from the face of this earth.
As I always say, all things are impermanent, even a solid structure like this Railway Track.

I started walking from Commonweath at 3.30pm and ended at Yew Tee at 8pm. In between, I took a short break at Railway Mall. It was quite tiring, but definitely very enjoyable! =) 

I got a shock when a snake crossed the track in front of me.

A dilapidated house along the track.

Small, but it has a will to survive.

It is hard to see graffiti in Singapore.
It is even harder to see a nice one. 

This place is so not Singapore. 
It looks like a 3rd world country.
And I like it.

Sometimes, the journey is long and dry, but I have to go on.
Listen to some music.
And sing along to it.

Sometimes, the beauty is in small thing, 
but we always miss it when we are in a rush.
While we have a destination to reach,
we could also enjoy the journey.
we need to slow down to enjoy little things,
the destination can wait.

MGS Girls @ King Albert Park's Railway Bridge.

I never thought that I would walk on this bridge,
but at the same time, 
there are too many things in life that are beyond my ability to predict and forecast.

A couple in love. =)

I like this photo.
I walked over and suggested taking a photo for them using their camera.
They thanked me. =)
I am too nosey at times.

Lost Camera

Taken at the road leading to Bt Timah Hill

I love the Greens.

I was quite emotional to see my school (Assumption English School) and St Joseph Church from the track. I also saw the statue of Mother Mary which we escorted from the old premise back to this premise. I could still recite the "Hail Mary" prayer after leaving school for so many years, even though I am a non-believer. On reflection, it is amazing that I did not convert (even though I thought about it before), and it is scary to know that an education institution is actually a strong tool to spread religious belief - especially to the young ones who are more malleable. 

I love the feeling of being a tourist in my own country.

Sometimes, you gotta stop looking a the floor,
and look up.
The real beauty is over your head.

This chair has a lot of stories to share...

Sun had set.
Felt a bit cold.
I was alone.
But I wasn't lonely.
As I was listening to Faye Wong's "天空".

What a great way to end a day.

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Angjolie said...

Lovely! I wanted to trek alone the other day but timing was not good, I love those photos you taking and how the short journey had opened your awareness.
I received the joy, the peace, the gratitude, the love, the memories, the excitement from your photos.
Especially when you say being tourist in your own country! I often feel that way hehe....

Thanks for sharing!