Thursday, July 14, 2011

One New Experience Each Week - Mambo Jambo @ Zouk

Brought my overseas friends to savor authentic local food. Met Ati when I was backpacking in Vietnam 5 years ago, and I was quite surprised when he told me that he would be spending 21 days in Singapore! And his friend Irene flew all the way from San Francisco Bay Area to enjoy 5 days in Singapore. I was quite surprised that Singapore was their choice of travel destination. I was recommending other places in the region, but this is not their first trip to South-East Asia. Well, they are traveled to more countries than me...

Ati - German of Turkish Descent 
Irene - American of Ukrainian Descent
Boon - Singaporean of Chinese Descent
This is truly Globalization.

Brought them to something that is Uniquely Singapore - Mambo Jambo @ Zouk!

When I was walking towards Zouk, I could vividly remember the excitement of my first visit to Mambo Jambo 13 years ago. Back then, clubbing at Zouk was THE coolest thing to do. I could also remember 11 years ago, when I was on the dance floor dancing and singing to "Forever Young", and I hoped to be forever young. But, a decade just went past, and that's a scary thought. But I do take comfort that the past decade is the best decade of my life so far.   

No major regrets so far.

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