Sunday, July 24, 2011

Friends - Spice Gang

Extremely adorable and lovable En-en... 
The new member of the Spice Gang.

Celebrating K's Birthday @ HF's house

We have been friends for 14 years already.
Everybody is busy with their life.
Everybody is facing different difficulties and challenges in life.
But it is always good to know that there is a safe place to share your woes and worries.

And a place where you can always be acting stupid and being child-like.
Thank you guys!



Angjolie aka ex "SLOW" spice said...

Yes, a safe place where we can be so open and free to speak of our woes and challenges, to come "totally naked" with our issues and we know no judgments will be made...

A group of friends who watched me fall... Watched me grow up to this crazy girl today! Thank you all for being in my life! I am so blessed and honored to know every one of you.

Love ya all!

seL-white spice said...

The only totally naked person was En!

Thankyou Spices. I am so grateful for your friendship and love. For checking up on me so very often, keeping me in your thoughts and prayers, and giving me constant encouragement and support.

I learnt today - "Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional"