Thursday, June 02, 2011

Philadelphia University Commencement Speech by Steve Blank

A really good and inspiring commencement speech.

Some Quotes:

"My first story is about finding your passion.....In the middle of a Michigan winter, I stuck out my thumb and hitchhiked to Miami, the warmest place I could think of. I had no idea what would be at the end of the highway. But that day I began a pattern that I still follow—stick out your thumb and see where the road takes you."

"It’s your curiosity and enthusiasm that will get you noticed and make your life interesting—not your grade point average."

".....I was forever curious. At times continually asking questions got me in trouble…once it almost sent me to jail…but mostly it made me smarter...."

"All of you will fail at some time in your career…or in love, or in lifeNo one ever sets out to fail. But being afraid to fail means you’ll be afraid to try.  Playing it safe will get you nowhere."

"Be forever curious.
Volunteer for everything.
Show up a lot.
Treat failure as a learning experience.
Live life with no regrets.
Remembering…There is no undo button."

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