Thursday, June 23, 2011

How I cope with disappointment...

Last week, I was on cloud nine after my interview with the top management of a prestigious asset management firm in the world. That was the final interview, and I felt that I had done reasonably well. Even though I know the competition was very stiff and I am lacking certain credentials, I was quite optimistic. 

This is THE IDEAL job. The firm is so rich that it didn't rent the office space, but bought the whole level in the prime business area.  If I got this job, I was thinking that I wouldn't need to update my resume again, as my interviewers have been working there for 20+ years. I dreamed of jet-setting around the region and meeting CEOs of different companies' etc... 

Unfortunately, my dream was shattered when I received a rejection phone call. The reality dawns on me again, that it is really a tough and competitive world out there. There are many many more people who are smarter, more hardworking and have better credentials than me. 

The disappointment was intense. It is my DREAM JOB, and I was so close to getting it. What should I do? I was not in the mood to do anything. Feel like wasting myself to vent my anger and avoid the reality. Then, I told myself to learn something out of it. I want to fully experience and feel the intense disappointment (ie. No future and No hope, I feel like shit, I am not good enough etc..). 

Then, just let go. 

I will remember the feeling of intense disappointment, so that I could be more empathetic and compassionate in the future when someone else experiences the same negativity. 

After allocating sometime for self-pitying, it is time to get out of it and spend my time in more productive things. Very often, a problem is blown out of scale by focusing on it for too long. 

Dawn @ Ganges River, Varanasi, India

Take a few steps back and look at the bigger life issues.
Just need to let go of the things I could not control.
Take comfort that I worked hard for it.

I feel more at peace and ready to move on.
Letting Go is powerful.


Anonymous said...

boonie, sorry to hear about the disappointment, but at the same time happy for you that you've learnt something valuable from the experience. another great opportunity will come your way soon, and i know you'll make the most out of it. keep the inspiring blogs coming! :)
- py

Boon said...

Thanks PY! Life is a journey and there are many lessons to be learnt. =)

ssumin said...

My friend likes to ask, "what will your 80 year old self say?" and I try to take comfort that whatever we obsess about today means very little in the longer term. Better opps to come!