Tuesday, June 28, 2011

One New Experience Each Week - Kayaking Course, Upper Pierce Reservoir, Pulau Seletar

I am glad that I embarked on this "One New Experience Each Week" project. It allowed me to explore places that I did not know existed in the tiny Singapore and things that I wanted to do, but have been procrastinating. 

Sunset @ Upper Pierce Reservoir
It was not crowded and quiet. 
I laid down gazing into the sky and enjoying the breeze.
What a nice way to end a day.

Went wake-boarding again.
Saw a deserted island called Pulau Seletar (never knew such an island existed).
Swam over to the beach of the island and got bitten by sand-flies.

Ivan wake-boarding in the mangrove area.
The mangrove area is beautiful, especially during sunset.

Kayaking Course @ Kallang River.
It was fun to be taking a course with teenagers.
Learning something new.
I felt I was back to my student days.
It felt good to be student again.
I felt really young.

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