Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Ignorance ignorance ignorance...

Pastor Rony Tan has just apologised to both Buddhists & Taoists for his comments on both faiths. My initial reaction was anger, and I wanted to investigate further by watching the videos. (video 1 & video2). After watching the videos, I was sadden by how Buddhism was misrepresented. Pastor Rony Tan asked a 2-week ex-monk (a Christian Convert - Joseph) to discuss about Buddhism and made the whole religion practice sounded like a joke. Being a Buddhist layman, I found Joseph to be extremely ignorant about Buddhism.
When Joseph was a monk, he asked "When can I reach Nirvana?"
My first reaction was ignorance ignorance ignorance. With such an ignorant question, I was wondering what had he learnt as a monk or a long-term Buddhist. 
I just felt that if you do not know anything about Buddhism, you should not misrepresent it. Personally, I have only touched the surface, and I am awed & touched by the Wisdom, the Vastness and the Compassion (The Unconditional Love). I am not upset or angry anymore, as I know they are blinded by Ignorance. They really do not know what they are discussing. I just hope they realise their mistakes.  
I am happy that I have never attended any Buddhist Talks that criticise other faiths. By degrading other faiths, will never make your own faith a superior one. =)
May Joseph & Rony find Wisdom and Happiness!
May All Beings be Free from Sufferings!

Young Buddhist Monk
(This picture just put a smile on my face)

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