Monday, February 22, 2010

Forgiveness... A liberating force...

Recently, someone made a nasty remark about me (I was informed by a credible source). My first reaction was anger, but I was not thinking about confronting that person. I just wanted to sit down and clear up any misunderstandings, as I have nothing to fear. However, knowing that person's personality, I know that sitting down won't clear things up, as that person would get very defensive and may be aggressive (Vulnerable & Huge Ego at work).
At the same time, frustration kept accumulating inside me. Frustrated that justice was not done. I kept asking myself: So what even if I won? There will be awkwardness and embarrassment, which is unnecessary also. I thought of the things that I have learnt - forgiveness, but it was not easy.
I do not need to defend myself. My frustration was created by my Ego. A nasty remark won't make me a lesser person. Action always speaks louder than word. I do not want to carry the past with me. When I contemplate about my death and that person's death, all these things become trivial and unimportant.
I decided to forgive that person, and free myself from the prison of frustration.
It is an Amazing feeling.
It is so liberating.
I felt like a free bird again.
Life will always test you again and again until you learn your lesson.
There are still many things for me to learn...
There are still many tests ahead...
Boundless Sky
(Taken @ Timor Leste)

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