Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Golden Week in Japan??? Bad Choice =(

I booked my flight to Tokyo last year (Got a good deal), but I did not realise that I booked it during the Golden Week in Japan. I could not change the dates, as it was a discounted ticket.
After looking at the youtube videos below & reading the online blogs, I was quite discouraged. =(

Train in Japan...
Wave Pool in Japan
I was looking forward to a Zen experience - tranquil and serene- outside of Tokyo, and a bustling city life in Tokyo. But I think I will get a Crazy Experience... but I will take it positively and experience the craziness.
Wish me luck!!! haha...


IE5208 said...

If this helps, Italy without the rain and road accident will definitely be more scenic and less nerve wrecking, but I wouldn't have the experience of less crowded sights and campervan V-commander cums sai gang gia if it didn't happen :)

Boon said...

Haha... I guess there is always a positive way of looking at any situations or experiences... That's the way to enjoy the journey. =)