Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mas Selamat

While I rejoice like more Singaporean on the capture of Mas Selamat.
I was surprised that I sympathise him while I was reading the news report. I am definitely no supportor of terrorism.
To me, it was kinda sad that he harboured so hatred towards non-muslims. Jihad - the idea the holy war - has created more segregations and hatred.
It is encouraging exclusion, and not inclusion.
How Holy can it get?
While Mas Selamat and his fundametalist JI team felt that they are the holy warrior and protector of Islam, inevitably, they had created hatred in their hearts.
Having Hatred is like sowing the seed of evil.
They must be thinking how to kill, how to destroy... 24/7
I am really skeptical if they could sleep peacefully at night.
They have no peace in their lives.
It is quite sad to lead a life driven by hatred.
Peace is priceless.
Peace is a part of Freedom.
They are trapped in their cage of hatred.
How can they be truly happy?
That's why I feel sorry for them.
(Taken in Eastern Tibet, 2005)
Could you sense the Happiness and Joy of this Tibetan herds-woman?

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