Saturday, May 02, 2009

Desaru - 100km Cycling Trip

Group Photo before setting off.
It was a good way to spend the Labour day.
There was a point when I was cycling downhill,
the view of rolling green hills of palm trees was beautiful.
I decided to stop peddling.
Enjoying the wind
Enjoying the beautiful view
Enjoying the beauty of the world.
And Soaking-up that moment.
Then that moment was spoilt,
when I heard a guy cyclist peddling besides me asking me to peddle harder (with good intention) to catch-up with the 2 ladies infront. (yup! that 2 ladies were pretty good, or should I say I am a bad cyclist. haha..)
Well, since "my moment" was spoilt, I decided to peddle hard to keep up.
Well, sometimes in life,
we need to slow down.
Not because we are lazy or tired.
But Just to enjoy the moment, the present and the journey.
While it was satisfying to complete 100km ride,
that moment was the highlight of the trip.

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