Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Little Pleasures in life

My 15 months-old niece refusing to let me take her photo.
Just now, my sister, my brother-in-law and my mum were coaxing my little niece to drink finish her milk. As usual, she would only finish half a bottle of milk and refuse to drink anymore. When the 3 adults tried their luck to "force" (coax) her to drink, my stubborn niece protested by crying very loudly.
My father came to her rescue and carried her.
He asked my little niece "Who is bullying you?"
Everybody was looking at each other wondering what would her response be?
She just said in the cutest and most innocent voice
"Milk! Milk!"
And everybody burst out into laughter!!!
She gave the most politically correct answer without offending anybody.
So smart! =)
These are little pleasures in life that i enjoyed.
everyday she would do something new which never fails to amuse us.
those moments are so very enjoyable and priceless...
Alot of great things in life are free.
Just takes abit of love and care.

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