Friday, April 22, 2011

One New Experience Each Week - Surfing on Artificial Wave

Chilling in a hammock at Sentosa Siloso Beach.

After playing beach volleyball with some students, my friend and I asked them if they wanted to join us to go to Wavehouse to try surfing on the artificial wave. One of their replies was they are students, and could not afford to go there. 

Indeed. I remember my days as a poor undergraduate (Now, I am working poor), my friends and I would just bring our own drinks and food, and we would chill out or play frisby/volleyball at the beach. Even though we could not afford to go to expensive club/bar by the beach, we enjoyed ourselves and those days were fun.

Surfing the artificial wave
(Unfortunately, this is not me)

I needed the assistance of the rope, and even with that, I could not maintain my balance. My verdict after an hour of trying: It was difficult and quite fun, and once is quite enough.

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