Friday, April 22, 2011

One New Experience Each Week - Public Listed Company AGM

Board of Directors of Sinotel
(A Chinese Company listed on Singapore Stock Exchange)

I have invested in this company since Sep'09, but despite its increase in both revenue and earnings, the share price has nosedived more than 60%, as the company did not maximize the shareholders' value.

Even though I was a small shareholder, I was entitled to question the board of directors as well as the top management of the company. I asked a couple of questions on maximizing shareholders' value by changing the capital structure via factoring/debt financing, but the replies from the CFO was not satisfactory.

Well, I felt good especially when a fellow shareholder walked up to me and praised me for asking good questions. Good luck to that shareholder, as I sold my shares despite losing money. (But I might be the fool to sell the shares now)

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