Wednesday, April 06, 2011

One New Experience Each Week - Jakarta Biz Trip

Went to Jakarta for a short Biz Trip.

Only in Jakarta... these vehicles are not allowed on the highway. 
Anyway, the traffic jam was horrendous! The time taken to travel from city to airport (Dist: 15km, Time taken 2hr+), is longer than the flight from Jakarta to Singapore!!

Ranch 99 Market in Jakarta
It is really a cheap Chinese supermarket in California, but they re-branded it in Jakarta catering to a up-market class.  

Lost in Translation!
Requested for 3 glasses of Vodka Lime, and they gave 3 shots of Vodka! The cost was around S$40+ (US$30+) for one glass. 

Having a Hot Steamy Bath & Listening to all-time favourite songs from iphone.
Can't ask for more!!!  

The 5-Star hotel i was staying has a no-sandals policy. I found it to be ridiculous! Hence, I decided to test it by wearing my slipper and bermuda shorts for breakfast. The hotel staffs were obviously looking at my slippers while i stepped out of the lift to the restaurant. However, they did not make a comment or stop me. I observed only 2 other guests wore slippers in the restaurant, while most people were wearing business outfits. Then I saw a PRC lady, who beat me to it.

She did not breached the no-sandals policy, as she was wearing a low-heel footwear. She was wearing an awful looking cartoon-prints pajamas to the restaurant!

Power!!! -_-"

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