Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Verdict is out...

Thanks for all the well-wishes and concerns for my previous post.
As my sprained wrist was still hurting after 1 week+, i decided to take a X-ray today and discovered that i fractured a bone in my wrist. Now, I am typing slowly with my hand in cast. 2nd time in my life that i have a fracture in my bone, but 1st time having a cast. At least, it is a new experience.
I am not in pain, jus that fracture would mean that i will take a long time to recover (Doctor said 6-8weeks), implying that i have to stop swimming and cycling. After my recovery, i would be in Nepal for 3 weeks. Not sure if i would be conditioned for next year's half-ironman. Well, that's life - certain things are beyond our control. Just be in peace that I have done my best. =)
Went to SGH A&E department - saw lotsa people in sufferings.
A reminder that I should count my blessings everyday.
Life is impermanent.


Yingel said...

get well soon..

Boon Han said...

thanks! =)