Saturday, September 19, 2009

I must have Wisdom...

Going on a family trip to Perth later.
I am taking no-pay leave for this trip.
Certain things in life are too precious and priceless.
One of them is spending quality time with family.
Other considerations are secondary.
I told myself that I must have wisdom... during the trip.
Not to be too stubborn.
Not to say "I TOLD you so..."
Not to argue even though I am right.
Not to correct my dad even though I am right.
Learn to accept that things will not always turn out fine.
Learn to enjoy my Mum's nagging.
Learn to be more patient.
Learn not to react.
If I won an arguement based on facts and good reasonings,
I would have a temporary boost of ego,
but I would be compromising the peace and happiness of spending time together.
In the end,
nobody is winning,
everybody is losing.
I must have Wisdom...
(hope my family members have it too.... haha)
The easiest to acquire this Wisdom?
Contemplating on the Impermanence of Life.
It could be my last family trip.
I will never know.
Life is so unpredictable and so impermanent.
I must have Wisdom...

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