Sunday, September 13, 2009

Photography: Getai - Interesting Incident

I did not want to share these photos, as i regarded this a failed photography-trip.
 (nothing interesting, until just now)
Void Deck

Getai Stage
I took 2 close-up photos of the front-row seats.
As you know, the front-row seats are kept empty for the spirits of the other world.
The photos looked normal on my camera LCD screen - nothing special. But there was error message, when i started to upload all the photos to my laptop. I tried again, without error message.
Assuming, all photos have been transferred, i deleted all the photos from my camera.
Then, I realised only those 2 close-up photos are MISSING!!!
Those 2 photos were the 4th & 5th shoots. i 'copy-and-paste' everything - there is no way i can miss it.
I figured that there might be problem with my SD card, so i take some random pictures and upload it - No problem at all.
Just feeling very weird.
Saw a lady praying fervently infront of the altar.
I hope she understands that:
Buddha does not reside in the porcelain figure.
In fact, Buddha has opposed the making of idol.
The idol serves as a reminder of Dharma, Wisdom & Compassion.

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