Saturday, September 12, 2009

Random Note

A good friend posted this note on his facebook
This was my comment:
interesting note. good that you find time to write this reflection of life in the midst of your busy schedule. =)

we came to this world alone, and we will depart alone too.
we came with nothing, and we will depart with nothing.
This is truth of life... I am learning not to be too sad about it....
Be wise... recognise the truth, and be peace with it.
Alot of people mask it or avoid it, by making themselves busy, surrounding themselves with many people, avoiding solitude at all cost.
They will recognise the truth one day, even if they don't want.

Being solitude => being in peace & happy with it.
Being lonely => feeling emptiness, feeling the need to do something or be with someone, feeling incomplete.

Really depends on our perspective. =)
i think i write too much. not even sure what i am writing.. haha. i am still trying to figure it out myself...

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