Sunday, March 22, 2009

Root of All Evil??

Challenging your belief & faith is a scary thing for most people.

After viewing this clip, it raised alot of new questions and some old questions (that I am aware, but refused to tackle or too tired to think about it). I still don't have answers. There are some points which I disagree with him, but that's fine. At least, I am aware of other views and open-minded enough to try to understand it.

**Warning: This is a very controversial documentary. View it if only you are open-minded enough. It might be highly offensive to some.

Taken from :

In this two-part documentary, Oxford Professor Richard Dawkins examines how religious faith is gaining ground in the face of rational, scientific truth. The program takes you to some of the world's religious hot-spots, both in America and the Middle East. Dawkins meets with religious leaders and their followers, as well as scientists and sceptics to examine the power of religion. Interviews with former Pastor Ted Haggard, the novelist Ian McEwan, the former Bishop of Oxford, and others offer valuable insights into the global impact and consequences of faith in the 21st century.



Somehow, I think Professor Richard Dawkins' life is at great risk, beacause there are too many fundamentalists around. If you don't agree, just let it be.

Lastly, something that i absolutely agree with him:

"We are privileged to be alive and we should make the most of our time on this world"- Professor Richard Dawkins

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