Friday, March 20, 2009

Innate Compassion - A lesson from my baby niece

Just want to share a lesson that I learnt.


A few month ago, on particular evening, my mum was helping my dad to remove "dirt" from his ears. And as usual, my dad would cringe in pain. My little niece (around 11 months old) was looking at my dad with distress, and her reaction/expression was shouting at my mum asking her to stop (that's my guess, as she still can't talk properly).

My little niece must be wondering why was my mum "hurting" my dad.

Nobody taught my little niece about compassion.

Somehow, she could feel the pain of my dad.

And she just expressed her compassion naturally.


Compassion is a innate quality that we (human beings) possess.

May be it is evolution, May be it is God given, May be it is our purest form...


It is heartwarming to know that everybody is capable of being compassionate at birth.

That's the little beauty of life! =)

If everybody practice abit of compassion, there will be more peace and harmony in the world.

(Taken at 6-Flags in California)
There is a child in everyone of us.
And there are so much things to learn from a child.
Yes, we are growing older, but
are we becoming wiser or more confused?

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