Sunday, March 29, 2009

Reflecting on my University Life and Work Life

During my university days, I spent alot of time studying really hard and getting pretty decent grades. Now, looking back at those time, the things that really matters to me are those wonderful moments of traveling and trying new things. I can only remember the fond memories of meeting with friends etc...
I don't remember much about the excitement of getting good grades. In fact, after sometime, nobody really cares much about the class of honors or the number of As.
The grades are important in the practical sense - getting your university degree/getting the first job/good for resume etc...
It is a balancing act of being practical and living a life.
I am glad that I did more than just studying.
Could the same thing apply for working life as well?
Work is definitely important and can be enjoyable.
But when I am on my deathbed,
Would all the career achievements and money really matters?
Saw so many people working really hard for money.
Sometime, we might even forgotten why are we working hard for.
In my view,
Money is an enabler, never the reason.
Money enables me to have a decent living condition.
Money enables me to buy nice things for my loved ones.
Money enables me to travel the world.
Money enables me to try and learn new things.
Money enables me to help the less fortunate.
When the pursue of money compromises "the reason".
May it is time to reflect whether it is worth it.
It is not surprising that people quit their job at their peak like my ex-boss who wants to spend more time with her kids.
Money is an enabler, never the reason.

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