Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One New Experience Each Week - Game Show

My first time watching the recording of a Game Show - We Are Singaporeans.
Well, the host (Hosan Leong) was funny, but the overall experience was okay.

(9 Celebrity Icons & 3 Contestants)

My friends and I were surprised by the strict censorship in Singapore Media. We know there are lotsa censorship on matters like vulgarities, harsh languages, speaking Chinese dialect, racial & religious related matter etc..., but we did not know that word like "INFLATION" was sensitive. May be because the General Election is just around the corner, hence, INFLATION (which everybody experiences now) is sensitive.

The host was merely commenting that due to inflation, the kachang puteh price had increased so much over the years. Then, the recording stopped and the producer requested him not to use such sensitive word. Well, I found the host to be quite funny when there were no recordings. I guess censorship would naturally stiffen creativity of the host, which is one of the reasons for boring local programmes.

Fortunately, there are cable tv programmes.

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