Monday, March 14, 2011

Millionaire Express; Millionaire Regress

Millionaire Express; Millionaire Regress
This news article set me thinking for the past 1 week.

On the front page, it showed a 35 years old entrepreneur who started his business with S$300K back in 2002 and pocketed S$80m recently by selling to a listed company. The contrast was an updated of 49 years old Fandi Ahmad (The icon of the Singapore football in the 90s), whose fall was dramatic – downgraded from a landed property to living with his mother in a Yishun HDB flat, lost money in his business ventures, his wife was suffering from medical conditions like loss of memory... and he was betting on his football academy and his kids (who were gifted in soccer and are training in AC Milan) to make it big again.

In the early 90s, Fandi Ahmad’s marriage was a big thing in Singapore. He is Singapore’s first millionaire sportsman and married a beautiful Model from South Africa. Back then, he mentioned that he would be so financially well-off that he could retire for the rest of his life in a few years time. He was living the PREFECT life – Rich, Successful, Beautiful Wife, Famous & full of confidence. What more can a person want? Not sure if he has the Wisdom of Life.

Isn’t Life interesting? This really set me thinking.

Who is more successful? The 35 years-old millionaire or Fandi Ahmad (ex-millionaire)?

Life is always in a constant flux of change. 
That’s the law of the impermanence of Life. 

When you are rich, please do not be arrogant, you might fall anytime & tragedy might strike when you least expected it. When you are poor, please do not be discouraged, there is always hope and opportunity in life, you might just strike it big when you least expected it.

I am learning to be detached from identifying myself and others with their financial positions. Well, this is tough when we are living in the world of Capitalism. We identify others with their houses, their cars, their clothes, their jobs, their alma mater, and plenty of other things. I am definitely guilty as well, and at times, I do feel sick and tired of this, as it brings unnecessarily sufferings.

At the end of the day,
Remember “This too will pass.”

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