Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Challenging period for the World

It is challenging to feel happy and upbeat about the current situation of the World.
Natural Disasters - Earthquake in Japan & New Zealand, Radiation Hazards in Japan & regions.
Political Unrest - Libya, Bahrain, Egypt and the whole Middle-East.
Economic Woes - "Bankrupt" Govt in Portugal, Spain, Ireland and Greece; Extremely high-debt, high unemployment and struggling economy in 3rd largest economy (Japan) & the only superpower (USA); High inflation across the globe especially in developing countries like China.
Many people are dying, or trying to survive or recover.
Many people are struggling with life, uncertain about future.
Well, it is during crisis that we learn more. 
What did I learn (relearn)? 
Life is ever-changing and unpredictable.
Challenges are part of valuable life experiences.
Letting go of things beyond my control.
Stop thinking about negative things.
Focus on the positive things in life.
Learning to be grateful.
Living in peace is a gift. 
Being alive is the greatest Miracle (which we often take it for granted).
Remember "This Too Will Pass".

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