Sunday, August 01, 2010

Congratulations to TenCube

McAfee bolsters mobile offerings by acquiring tenCube

Congratulations to the founders of TenCube! I read on the Straits Times that the deal was estimated to be around US$5million. Happy to know that they are out of the rat race, they have fulfilled their dreams, and more importantly, they will be an inspiration to alot of high-tech startups in Singapore.

I was in the same project group as the founders, while we were in the US taking a Stanford module. There was one occasion when we had project discussion on Sunday evening, and we ended the discussion at around Monday 6am. We were totally gone and exhausted, but they were perfectionists and wanted to everything to be perfect. Thanks to them, I got an A for that module.

Over the years, I have seen so many startups failed. It is really heartening to hear the good news, especially from someone that I know. I believe it must have been a tough, but hopefully enjoyable journey for them. It is more than just intelligence and hard work, it is Passion. While most of their peers are in management consulting, investment banking and trading, they took risk and chose the path less trodden - entrepreneurship.

Now, they are successful and all the sacrifices seemed worthwhile. They instantly became an inspiration and there were 50+ congratulatory messages our small community. However, what if they failed? Would they be deemed as the foolish ones? Or even labeled as failure? 

Sometimes, I think success is more than just the end results - a validation to the effort and ability. May be we should also define success as personal growth, value-add to others, courage to pursue dreams etc...

More importantly, 
Are you Happy?
Did you enjoy the journey?

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