Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Wonderful Wonderful Evening...

Attended a good friend's wedding with a bunch of good friends.
It was a great feeling to sit around a table with good friends.
It was a wonderful experience to play with my friend's toddler.
It was touching to listen to the bride & groom's speeches.
It is the best vegetarian meal I had in a wedding dinner.
It was a fun to take stupid photos with friends, despite the fact that we are all nearing 30years old.
I am really grateful for friendship.
I guess, this will be one of the little wonderful memories that I bring with me when I leave this world.
When I looked up the sky, I saw a few stars & a crescent - it looked PERFECT!
Contented, Grateful and Happy.


karenthecat said...

yes, but what a pity we only realise this at this point of our lives. have you wondered why we only cherish simple things like this, only now?

Boon said...

It is never too late to realise that simple things can really be beautiful and wonderful. I rather be late, then to take simple pleasure for granted.

I think it is part of an evolution process & journey to becoming wiser (I hope.. haha). I learnt that there was something within that the material things won't satisfy us - I guess we gotta look inside ourselves to experience and see it.

I remember 2 years ago when I was in Shanghai for business trip. I was feeling very lonely at night, even though I was staying in a nice hotel and eating good food. I rather be in a Kopitiam eating Tau-huay with my friends or family.

Seeing people around me leaving also helps. Obession with Material possession or wealth accumulation is just too superficial, it does not satisfy me.

I guess it is a learning process for anybody. =)