Monday, January 05, 2009

A series of good gatherings

This afternoon,
a colleague who came back from holiday asked me how was my X'mas & New Year?
I told him I had a great time,
but I did not go for any big feast or party.
I had a series of good gatherings.
I met up with my primary, secondary, jc, university & army friends.
Feeling comfortable among your old friends is a great feeling.
I do not need nice food, posh restaurant, great outfit etc...
I just need good company.
May be this is a sign that I am getting older.

Sunday Night CCK Super Supper
Meeting at Kopitiam
Wearing Slipper
Sharing $3 Chai-Tow-Kuay
Drinking $1.10 Teh-Peng
Enjoyment: priceless!!! =)

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